Fall has turned into winter – Icebug Xperience and Outdoor Academy of Scandinavia

It has been a eventful fall, so much has happened so we forgot to update our news

Here are some examples of what happened during the fall:

In September we had 26 great volunteers that helped us to perform the fourth edition of Icebug Xperience. Just as the previous year the weather was perfect so the participants that hiked and ran got to experience the best Bohuslän (Swedish west coast) has to offer – the fantastic nature. During the saturday we also performed a test race, IX Ultra that will be found in the official program 2018 for those of you that are looking for a longer challege. It will be 50 miles in fantastic hilly surroundings from Bohus Malmön, via Kungshamn, Smögen and Ramsviks nature reserve to Hunnebostrand. The registration is open to IX westcoast and IX Ultra

Lofoten view


Outdoor Academy of Scandinavia: Straight from Ixebug Xperience Sofie went to Lofoten in North Norway where she has been trekking for several years as a guide. Lofoten is another fantastic area to spend time in, hiking, kayaking, running, surfing, camping and so on! With 25 curious guests from all over Europe and representatives from five Scandinavian Outdoor brands, Devold, Bergans, Helsport, Alfassko and Aclima she did a hike with outdoor cooking and camping. We had a great experience with high mountains, a wild sea, bon fire and aurora borealis on the night sky. Scandinavia really offer fanstasic outdoor experiences and nature! We really hope that more people can get out and experience this!


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