(Svenska) Vinterutbildning i friluftsliv, något för alla

Sova ute under bar himmel

Sleeping under the clear winter sky

To help more people to get out and spend more time in nature is what we aim for. To be able to spend time in the outdoors all year around it is important to feel safe and know how to handle weather, navigation and situations that may occur. Of course there are several ways to learn the skills and one is to let us take care of you just like we did with a nice group a few weeks ago this winter in the north of Sweden. After a beautiful time on the horseback to the campsite everyone prepared and pitched their tents, even if some of them never were used since the weather was so cold and clear so a few participants chose to sleep outdoors instead. Dinner was cooked over the open fire and breakfast on outdoor stoves. One of our guides, Fred, shared some tips and advice and showed how to use a wind sack among other things.

Lunchpaus för hästar och ryttare

Lunch break for horses and riders

Horsebackriding with Udda Äventyr

Outdoor cooking over the fire

A bit more preparations for the tent pitch is necessary wintertime

Our guide Fred share som tips and advice for outdoor life wintertime

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